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The best client is a happy client.

Read what people say about working with Susan!

“For more than 30 years, I’ve worked with many talented copy editors, but Susan is one of the incredible ones. Her passion for the English language and talent for ensuring perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation; editing sentences to ensure they are logical and well-crafted; and documenting client and in-house style make her a standout. Her expertise in compiling processes into clear documentation makes her shine. She’s made us all better with her incredible process-wrangling talent. At WE Communications, Susan and I have built a small but mighty virtual team. She’s engaging, eager, funny, whip-smart, and professional, and she’s able to openly accept feedback for continual self-improvement. Her work ethic is stellar and is matched by her professional ethics; no one can impugn her honesty and integrity. Susan will be a huge asset to any copy editing project and to every person and team she works with. You’ll be so happy you’ve found her!”

— Luigi Serio, Jr.,
    Lead Copy Editor
    WE Communications

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