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Meet Susan Patten, the word wizard behind Bravo!

Susan Patten headshot - cropped 400 x 46

I was that kid who won the spelling bees. The word nerd who entered essay contests for fun. The bookworm who spent every Saturday in the public library. This genuine passion for the written word has led to my dream career as a professional copy editor and precision proofreader. I love what I do!
Over the years, I’ve worked with indie authors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and global industry leaders, editing a wide variety of content across multiple industries.

Coupled with this strong track record of practical experience is a solid educational background that includes a bachelor’s degree in English and a certificate in editing endorsed by the American Copy Editors Society.

I’m proficient in AP style and Chicago Manual of Style and adept at adhering to (and writing) client-specific style guides.

Yes, you’ve found a genuine grammar geek—but my approach to editing is collaborative and non-judgmental. I build relationships with the people I work with, so they think of me as their partner, not the Punctuation Police.

When you work with me, we create effective, error-free copy together. Because in the end, your success is my success!


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