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Bravo has experience working with someone just like you!

Bravo’s portfolio includes both direct clients* and global industry leaders through agency work, reflecting a strong track record of editing and proofreading excellence. From short press releases to full-length books, Bravo’s expertise spans a wide variety of content across multiple industries, including: 

•    Microsoft
•    Intel


Healthcare (biotech, consumer medical products, electronic health records, genetic testing, insurance, pharma, and more)
•    Alcon
•    Cigna
•    Elsevier
•    Horizon Pharma
•    McKesson*
•    Optimetra
•    RTI Health Solutions
•    VSP


•    The Research Masters*
•    Ease Learning*
•    International Institute of Education (Fulbright programs)
•    QBS Learning*


•    Campbell & Company*


•    Wounded Warrior Foundation
•    Girls Inc.*
•    Rukundo International*
•    Frameworks

Real Estate
•    Bianco Smith Consulting*

•    DHC USA*
•    HALEYS Beauty*


The Art and Business of Acting for Video Games by casting director Julia Bianco Schoeffling*
Wanderings: A Collection of Short Stories by Ken Bennett*
Capturing Change by college president Alex Johnson, PhD
Become a Bad*ss Financial Advisor by Ron Gross and Todd Resnick
•    Writing Roadmap by Kristine Gibson


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