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Bravo's editing and proofreading service

ensures that your writing is polished, effective, and error-free!

- Are you a busy entrepreneur who doesn't know the difference between

their, there, and they're (and doesn't care)?

- Are you a harried parent with teenagers asking you to proofread critical essays 

at 11:30 the night before they're due?

- Are you a non-native English speaker struggling to sound as smart as you are

in an unfamiliar, challenging language?

In today's digital world, polished and effective writing is our most important tool for achieving our goals. From college admission essays to resumes and cover letters to website content, we rely on the written word throughout our lives to impress decision-makers and open the doors to our dreams and goals. Don't let a typo or misspelled word sabotage your chance to make your best first impression!

As a professional editor and proofreader, my goal is to perfect and polish your writing until it's flawless. I have experience working with a wide variety of content in US and UK English, including:

- College admission essays and personal statements (click for more info)

- ESL writing (non-native English speakers)

- Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry

- Website content and marketing collateral

- Business correspondence

- Documentation and reports

Basic proofreading includes correcting for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax.

Editing goes a few steps further and helps with sentence structure, consistency and clarity, organization and flow, word usage, and avoiding repetition.

Contact Bravo today to discuss your editing and proofreading needs.

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